Saturday, June 22, 2013

Targeting Sheepshead at the Coal Docks

On this trip Lewis and I decided to launch from Remley Point Landing. My other fishing buddy Henry had some time to fish, he managed to get out and go with us. Also on this trip; Lewis brought his older son, Zach, so he can practice ‘Take a Kid Fishing’.

When I arrived to the launch; I started to rig up the Jackson Big Tuna for the fishing trip planned. After everything had been rigged, like the Go Pro camera, the Lowrance Elite 5 DSI, the Yak Attack Black Pack, the rods, etc. After everything was rigged I decided to check out the fish finder. Uff da! The fish finder would not power on!! Boy; I thought that I had charged the battery last night; especially since I had disconnected the battery from the charger this morning and connected the battery and put it away into the Pelican 1150 Case. So I decided to just disconnect the Lowrance Elite 5 from the kayak and put away in the truck to troubleshoot later at home.
So the four of us launched from the landing and paddled toward the Daniel Island Shoreline to fish and try to concentrate on water depth of six feet or shallower. This area is known to have some nice speckled trout, redfish, and flounder. Uff da; I was feeling very uncomfortable not have my trusty fish finder to help me fish this area. While I was paddling I thought that would get some photos and my three fishing buddies. I took out my Fujifilm FinePix water proof camera; Uff da, the camera is dead. Uff da the day is starting out like a bad omen. So this story will be lacking some photos of this fishing trip.

Once over at the shoreline of Daniel Island, we started casting toward the rock rip rap that covers this area from the Wando River side all along the shoreline into the Cooper River side of Daniel Island. While on the Wando side Henry had fish on; his catch was a small pin fish. Instead of using the pin fish as bait, Henry released his small catch.
Lewis & Zach at this time were concentrating along the shoreline that faces the Charleston Harbor or you could say then the Wando and the Cooper Rivers meet. Lewis spent most of the time watching and coaching Zach on the art of the popping cork with a D.O.A. Shrimp. Zach had several times the cork went under but could not get a hook up.

For me I had no action along the shoreline. I really believe that my lack of a fish finder prevented me to concentrate on maintaining the right water depth and structure.

When we managed to make our way across the Cooper River and the coal docks, I put my attention to the opportunity of targeting sheepshead. I paddled my Jackson Big Tuna into the oyster/mussel covered pilings of the remaining ruins of the coal docks. These pilings are ideal for nice sheepshead; well at least the YouTube videos and photos that I have seem on the internet lead me to believe. While Lewis, Zach, and Henry went on the search for redfish, trout, and/or flounder; I remained to test my skills against these fish that are very well known for being a thief by taking your bait without you even feeling the bite. My bait of choice today for this species is the fiddler crab.

I worked my way along the pilings occasionally anchoring to a piling, scrapping some of the oyster/mussel buildup on the pilings as chum, and dropping my line and bait by the pilings trying to feel a bite. Occasionally I would think that I would have a bite but I would miss whatever took my crab. Uff da!! I managed to work my way down to the end on one side and then back down the other side to where I started.  Along the trail, I ended up feeding whatever enjoyed my offerings.
Lewis and Zach returned to my area. Lewis reported that he managed to catch a nice 25 inch redfish in a small creek. Also in that creek area they both ended up chasing several other reds but could not get them to bite. The other bit of news was that we had to cut the trip short due to a band of thunderstorm clouds coming our way. So I agreed that we should head back to the launch site. After all; I had only managed to give my Big Tuna some shell rash from the pilings.

All four of us managed to be loaded up before the storm hit somewhere. At least it did not rain in our area.
Oh ya…Uff da…My electrical issue. I ended up connecting the battery backwards.

See you on the waterways and tight lines.

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