Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Father’s Day Paddle

My wife, Marian asked that we go explore some new areas that she has not yet kayaked; so we launched from a new location so the tourney to Drum Island, the Coal Docks, and the small creek to Magnolia Cemetery seems to be in order. Of course I was planning on doing so fishing as well and she agreed to fish a little. So we loaded up the Jackson Cuda for Marian and the Jackson Big Tuna for me.

We launched and paddled straight over to Drum Island. She paddled a little faster than me as I started casting searching for that elusive speckled trout or redfish. Eventually Marian started to fish as well. She appears to understand structure and how important that structure is to fish so does spends the time to look for fishy areas. She still has a lot to learn yet like how to tie on hooks and lures, color selection, tying two lines together, etc.
After spending some time along Drum Island, we paddled across to the Coal Docks. Marian was totally interested in the various building around the Coal Dock structures. These are ruins date back to the 1800s; there is no telling how long these structures will remain standing. I’m sure that brick buildings will last longer than the old wooden structure that has some form of metal tracks on top. As long as all or part of the trestle remains it will provide super habitant for speckled trout, redfish, black drum, & sheepshead for the angler to harvest.

Then we made our way to the creek that flows to Magnolia Cemetery. The creek was slow flowing and the creek provided a hideaway from the wind on the Cooper River and the Charleston Harbor.  It was a very pleasant paddle; Marian stated that she prefers paddling in these small creeks so that she can enjoy the quietness, the birds, and the surroundings.
While we paddled the perimeter of Magnolia Cemetery there was one monument that struck her interests. This monument had either a figure of a cat or dog sitting. From the back of the figure it looked like a cat but was you flowed around the bend to view the monument from the side or front if appeared to be a dog. I’m just waiting for the request to drive to Magnolia Cemetery to get up close to really examine the figure on that monument.

It was getting late so we decided to head back home. Somewhere along the way; Marian mentioned that she is starting to really enjoy the Jackson Elite Seat in the low position. The other item that the Jackson Elite Seat provided that she enjoyed is that her bottom was not wet. Overall she enjoyed the Jackson Cuda as the tall profile (height) of the Jackson Cuda 14 at 11 inches does not allow a lot of water onto the deck through the scupper holes. Her experience with her Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro there is a lot of water on the deck and the fact that there are two small scupper holes under the seat she would always get wet.
Although we did not catch any fish or really did not fish as much as I like. We did have a great experience on the water. The best part was sharing one of my new areas with my wife, Marian. After all she is the one that introduced me to kayaking.

Till the next time…Tight Lines.

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