Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fishing Exploration of Oceanview Flats

Oceanview Tidal Flats is a body of water located between James Island and Morris Island. The flats are primarily feed by the Schooner Creek and Fort Johnson Creek. The area has a lot of oyster racks that appear to be islands at low tide. Also there are many grass islands as well. There is a deep channel at low tide so that powerboats can from the Charleston Harbor and to Morris Island. By concentrating and casting along the shoreline and the various marsh islands that make up Oceanview Flats you have the opportunity to catch redfish, sea trout, and flounder.

There is a small canoe/kayak access at the end of Lighthouse Blvd on James Island which was the plan for Lewis, Greg, Henry, and I planned to launch our kayaks into the flats. The access is a very narrow path that is made up of mud, boards, bricks, and rocks. The mud is fairly firm except for a few spots that we discovered when we were carrying the Big Tuna and the other kayaks to the water. We launching at low tide.
As soon as Lewis made it pass the oyster rakes in front of the launch site he spooked a nice slot size redfish. Lewis, Henry, and Greg worked the shoreline. Lewis worked the shoreline and the docks towards Parrot Point. Lewis reported that he managed to catch a couple of redfish near the docks that were at the lower end of the slot limit.

Henry and Greg worked the shoreline and docks in the opposite direction. Henry reported that he managed to catch some rat reds. Greg keep working the shoreline and reported see redfish activity along the spartina grass.
I decided to paddle straight out from the launch towards the marsh islands and large oyster rakes. I was casting the DOA CAL Airheads and DOA CAL Shads but nothing. Tried the popping cork; uff da, nothing. I even tried some blue crab on the bottom using a Carolina rig; uff da, since nothing. So I kept moving on to another marsh island.

Eventually I managed to get a hookup on the popping cork. It was a pretty good fight. The result was a small stingray. This was a first for me to catch a stingray on a popping cork. I was expecting a trout since the cork was in some pretty quick current off of a point. This just seemed like a good opportunity to catch a trout but it was not today.
When the tide finally reached its high level I could hear the redfish crushing bait in the spartina grass on the marsh islands. I decided to take the Big Tuna into the grass and cast the DOA CAL Airhead into the grass but no luck for a hit from a redfish. Uff da! I did manage to spook a few reds while pushing through the marsh.

Oceanview Flats appears to have the potential of producing some nice fish. It will take time to learn the area to determine when the fish most frequent. As launching at low tide was truly a pain; I plan on fishing this area during the mid-tide cycle. This should back launching and returning a little more pleasant.
Just maybe we will cross lines at Oceanview Tidal Flats in the future.

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