Saturday, November 9, 2013

November SC Kayak Fishing Association Meet and Fish

November’s South Carolina Kayak Fishing Association Meet and Fish was held on the Stono River. Five yak anglers met at the Sol Legare Boat Ramp on Sol Legare Island to target Speckled Trout. I’m not sure why the attendance was down but we did have two new anglers attend their first meet and fish event. The Sol Legare Boat Ramp according to is a ramp with a lot of risk. This risk is associated with vehicles being broken into. This might have been the contributing factor for the low attendance because of the rumor. Personally I have used this ramp about four times within a problem. Now maybe if you left your vehicle unattended over night might be a different story. I think it is more related to keep unfamiliar anglers away from just a prime fishing location.

The five of us gathered around to discuss the various fishing areas that are close to the boat launch; areas like the Abbapoola Creek Docks, the Stono River Tidal Flats, the Artificial Reef, the North Shoreline, and the Kiawah/Stono Point for speckled trout, redfish, and flounder. With the meeting out of the way we launched our kayaks to our choice of areas to fish.
I decided to concentrate on fishing the north shoreline of the Stono River from the launch down to Green Creek then past Green Creek towards Snake Island. After I got past the last dock from the launch I managed to get a hook up using the popping cork with the vudu shrimp. After a battle with the fish I decided I better get the Ego Net out to land the fish. Uff da!! I managed to get a chance to see what I managed to hook into with the popping cork and vudu shrimp and it looked like a nice trout. When the trout got into the kayak and on the measuring board the trout measured just over 17”.  For me this is the first time at a meet and fish event that I managed to catch something this quick. So I decided that maybe Marian and I will have fresh fish for dinner on Sunday night.
Uff da!! I had decided to leave my fish bag back in the truck. So I had to try to figure out what to do with the fish. I remembered that I had a piece of rope in the back pouch of the Jackson Elite Seat of the Big Tuna that I use to anchor the kayak around a dock piling when fishing for sheepshead. So I thought that this will work great for a stringer for this fish and any others that I might catch.
I got a few more strikes but no hook ups. I decided to more from the area and drift for a while. Maybe while drifting I might come across some more biting fish along the shoreline. Then I came to a great looking spot that had several oyster rakes and a wide opening into the grass. This looked like a pretty fishy spot after all Lewis and one of the new guys was in this spot also fishing. The new guy was using mud minnows on a popping cork and was having pretty good luck doing some catching of trout that looked like they were between 13 – 14 inches. So not to drift into the trout hole I anchored the Big Tuna along the grass line and tried the popping cork with the vudu shrimp but I was not getting any bites with this set up.
So I changed over to my set up with the trout trick with a weedless 1/8 oz jig head. No time I has catching, measuring, and releasing with the occasional keeper going onto the make shift fish stringer. I manage to string up a couple of 15” trout along with my best speck of the day at 18”.  At think by this time I had caught about six or eight speckled trout in the hole. I decided to leave this super trout area to keep traveling towards Green Creek and beyond.
By the time I got past Green Creek and had not had any bites. So I decided to paddle back to that last area where the trout were biting. When I arrived back to the hot spot the specks had not given up and were still biting. This time all the trout were in that cookie cutter size of 13” and nothing bigger. It was getting late so it was time to head back to the launch to call it a day.
The end result of this meet and fish event is the most successful. Usually the events are very sparse with anglers catching fish. What makes this event a success of the five yak anglers fishing there was somewhere between 60 to 70 speckled trout caught. We did not have any luck with the redfish or flounder but what a day of specks.
If you ever decide to join us to fish during these monthly events watch out for them on ( or ( to find out about the next location and date/time of the event. Maybe we will see you at the next event.

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