Saturday, November 16, 2013

Redfishville on an Outgoing Tide

Five of us decided to tackle Redfishville on an outgoing tide. Uff da!! This normally goes against all rules for Copahee Sound as this area becomes an area of pluff mud and islands of oyster mounds where even a kayaker will be stranded waiting for the incoming tide to make the trip back to the launch site. So on this journey besides me will be Lewis, Greg, Henry, and Jon in the search of redfish that call Copahee Sound home.

We were planning on launching around 9 AM but only three of us were at the launch waiting on Greg and Henry. So while we waited we discussed things like kayak setups for fishing, methods of fishing with artificial lures, and positioning of GoPro cameras on a kayak. With the tide still going out we could miss launching out on the creek. If we would miss the launch time window it would probably be the first time that some yak anglers would be doing the Copahee Stomp and dragging the Jackson Big Tuna through the creek bottom out to the main channel. I contacted Greg and he said that he was just going over the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. Greg told us to go ahead and launch. He will contact us to see where we are fishing.
While the three of us started to depart the landing; I remembered that I left my GoPro Wi-Fi Remote in he truck. So I ran to the truck to get the remote. When I got back to the landing I had a huge UFF DA!! With the tide going out so was my Big Tuna without me. Lucky for me Lewis was close by and managed to retrieve the Big Tuna. Uff da!!!
Lewis decided to check out an area that he found on Friday that was hot with slot size redfish feeding on his PaddlerZ from ZMan. Jon was taking me to a few spots that he discovered since he started kayak fishing. Lewis was eventually going to meet up with us. On the way to Jon’s first hot spot and water depth was starting to get low. I could tell when the Big Tuna would scrap across the top of the oyster beds. When we arrived we spooked a couple of redfish as we entered this great fishing area.
While fishing this area Jon and I could see some nice redfish but they were not even interested in our offerings. Jon using frozen finger mullet and me using artificial lures from DOA. We both moved around the flat chasing several redfish with no luck. After a while Lewis made a visit for a short while to visit and check out this area. He decided to head back to his hot spot that he discovered yesterday.  Jon and I decided to check out another area.
This area at low tide creates a small pond that is circled by an oyster bar. Jon in the past has noticed that sometimes a redfish will be trapped in this pond. On this day there was no trapped redfish in this pond. Next we moved onto another spot but like the other two areas we both came up with no spot tails. At this time we decided to see if we could locate Lewis, Greg, and Henry. A report from Lewis is that they have been catching speckled trout and slot size redfish. When we finally arrived we could see redfish along the oyster beds.
When the tide started coming back in is was late afternoon, it was time to start heading back to the boat launch and call it a day to head home. Even though I did not do any catching, Lewis, Greg, and Henry had a great day at catching speckled trout and redfish. The best statement I heard had to be from Lewis. He told me that he was glad that the day finally ended because he was getting tired fighting redfish. Uff da!! What is wrong with that statement?

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