Sunday, November 3, 2013

Storm WildEye Live Minnow is going to jumpstart their episodes of “Will It Fish”. “Will It Fish” is a series of videos where ships out some lures that are questionable or will catch fish. The twist here is the lures are distributed to eight YakAngler ProStaff and Ambassadors to test the monthly lure. Four of us will use the lure in saltwater and the other for will fish the lure in freshwater. We will each video and make comments about the fishing conditions and the application of the lure as we attempt to catch fish with the lure. The videos will be posted on for enjoyment by and comments by other yak anglers.

So for my video of “Will It Fish” will be staged on Bohicket Creek launching from Cherry Point Landing fishing for speckled trout and redfish. I will be fishing the north shoreline of Bohicket Creek east of Adams Creek and then the Rockville shoreline. Fishing the outgoing tide we could drift towards the North Edisto River and ride the incoming tide back to the launch. Unfortunately the wind conditions were from the NNE at 11 – 17 knots. These conditions will result in a very fast drift towards the North Edisto River.
Besides the weather challenge there will be the feeling of using a fishing lure that is outside the tools that you use all the time. So deep down I have a feeling that the Storm WildEye Live Minnow will provide me with a skunk for the day. I guess what I’m saying that I will feel a little outside of my comfort zone when participating in this project.
Also fishing with me will be Jon, a new fishing buddy, Henry, and Lewis. Lewis will also be filming his version of “Will It Fish” on this trip using the same lure. Lewis and Henry were going to fish the north shoreline of Bohicket Creek drifting towards the North Edisto River. On this side of the creek there are numerous docks till you get to Rockville. Jon and I planned on fishing the opposite side of the creek towards the same destination. The other plan when we get to the last dock on our side of the creek was to shift to do some sheepshead fishing.
As I drift along I have two rods set up with the Storm WildEye Live Minnow. One rod is set up for casting and retrieving using the lure the way it is designed. I’m a little worried that the lure will get hung up in the oyster beds using it in this manner as the bottom of the lure is a treble hook. That reminds me that I should describe the lure a little more. The WildEye Live Minnow is made up with PVC material shaped into a realistic minnow body shape with a life like swimming action. The 3“ soft body consist of a 1/8 oz jig head in the body. Other then the bottom treble hook the lure is very ideal for fishing over oyster beds.
My other configuration is using the lure with a popping cork. Using the popping cork I had a feeling that the bottom treble hook might not be a problem in this method. In fact the treble hook might be a plus when using the popping cork by increasing the hook up ratio.
So as I drifted along the south shoreline I casted the WildEye Live Minnow along the grass line, a little away from the grass, and out towards the deep water. Occasionally I would anchor the Jackson Big Tuna near some small creeks that could possibility be a path for redfish or trout leaving the grass as the tide is going out. Uff da!! The wind as expected made the drifting really fast. In no time I was approaching the only dock on the south shoreline and the entrance into the North Edisto River. This dock I had planned to stop the filming of the “Will It Fish” and try for some sheepshead. The current and the wind were so bad; my gut feeling told me that I should forget about anchoring to the docks pilings. So at that time I decided to try the north shoreline. Once along the north side of the creek I came across a small creek that had a really good flow of water mixing into Bohicket Creek. This looked like a really great area for some trout. So I anchored the Big Tuna in a position to cast the “Will It Fish” lure into the fast current in the hopes of a hookup.
I managed to get the lure snagged into some oysters, possibility with that bottom treble hook. Uff da! Sometimes I would manage to get the lure free and then there were a couple of times that I would have to pull the stick-it pin and work my way to the stuck lure. When I got tired of paddling to free the lure, I decided to move towards Adams Creek.
As I worked my way to Adams Creek, Lewis reported on the radio that he had caught 5 or 6 trout with the best one at 15”. He was trolling along the bank between Adams Creek to Rockville. I eventually made it to the area where Lewis was fishing. When I got there Lewis mentioned that the bite appeared to have shut down. Besides the bite either shutting or slowing down so had the wind. At this time I thought that I would paddle across towards that dock that might be holding some sheepshead.
When we arrived to the dock the water depth was about 5 feet. So we decided to give it a try for some convicts. We really did do much but visited and got to know each other a little better. Jon reported that all he was catching had been blue crabs. While we fished for the convicts he proved that he was the master of all crab anglers. After a while we decided to paddle back to the area where the trout were biting. Lewis got there first and managed to catch a small speckled trout.
When I got to the area I anchored and started casting the “Will It Fish” lure. Jon paddled to the east from me and also anchored. After a few cast and retrieving the lure back against the current I had my first strike with the Storm WildEye Live Minnow. Uff da!! The strike resulted with a “Fish On!” and the battle was on. Actually not much of a battle as the trout in no time was in the kayak. I then did my video thing by talking to the camera and releasing the trout.
I decided to put that rod up and pick up the “Will It Fish” lure with a popping cork. While I was working the popping cork; I got a little distracted as I watched Jon bring in a fish instead of a blue crab. He managed to catch a nice size pinfish. As I observed Jon in action, I felt a hit on the popping cork. I set the hook and brought in a small croaker using the WildEye Live Minnow on a popping cork. By this time it was starting to get a little late so we decided to paddle back and fish along the way.

The day concluded for me when I arrived at the launch. Jon decided he would fish off of the fishing pier for a couple more hours. Although the day started out very windy it finished on a nearly calm day. If you are interested about the Storm WildEye Live Minnow for saltwater, freshwater or both check out for the monthly series of “Will It Fish”. If you have any suggestions for some weird lure that you wonder if that thing would ever catch fish submit your suggestion to I will be waiting for your challenge.

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