Friday, December 13, 2013

A Quick Trip on the Stono River

I decided that with the weather being so nice on Friday that I needed to try some trout fishing in the area. So I gave my fishing buddy Lewis and asked if he was interested in do a quick trip of trout fishing. He asked where I thought that we should go. I suggested that we head to Sol Legare Landing to fish the Stono River. After all we had some great luck there for the November Meet & Fish event. I was sort of curious to see if the same trout hole would be hot like it was in early November.

We met at the house at 1:30 PM. Lewis helped me load up the Jackson Big Tuna and we headed to Sol Legare Landing. When we arrived there were several commercial oyster fishermen along the shore washing their harvest and bagging the oysters. By the time that we launched it was around 2:30 PM so we figured this trip would last about three hours. So we fished along the shoreline on the ramp side of the Stono River towards that trout hole.
We both fished around the area that had been hot but no luck. So we decided to explore the creeks that feed this area. I went up one creek and Lewis took the other. In no time I could hear him yell “Fish On”.
As the sun started to set we decided to head back. For both of us this trip was really short but great to be on the water and enjoying a great friendship with my buddy.

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