Saturday, December 14, 2013

December Meet and Fish

Our Meet & Fish events are usually scheduled for the second Saturday of the month. Then a post is made on in the kayak fishing section of the forum where we asked where the anglers what to meet and fish. The area selection process is simple the most popular place is then selected. Launch times are based on the tide tables for that area.

The location for this Meet & Fish resulted in selecting Paradise Landing on the upper Wando River. We will be meeting at 8 AM with an outgoing tide. So we should be able to ride the tide out towards several creeks like Alston Creek, Dorrell Creek, Deep Creek and several others further down and then ride the tide back to Big Paradise Island.
We also planned a mini-rod CPR contest. The fee to enter will be a package of lures. Winner will take all.
As we got closer to the Meet & Fish the weather started turning bad. On Friday Lewis made the call to postpone the event till the next weekend. To ensure that everyone got the message Lewis & I decided to meet at Paradise Landing to tell anyone that showed up that the event had been postponed. Well the weather was just super and the Wando River was like glass.
The weather made it very tempting for us to head out to fish. Lewis got a call from Justin that he was heading to meet with us and also go fishing. We decided to wait for him. We could watch him in action, his rod handling techniques, and of course listen to some fishing stories from his experience in the Hobie Fishing World Championships in Australia.
With the tide going out the three of us decided to paddle against the tide up the Wando in the search for some trout and schools of redfish. This would be paddling to the right from the landing; if I would have to estimate we traveled about a mile from the launch. There were no fish to be seen. So we decided to take advantage of the remaining outgoing tide and fish back towards the landing. On the way make I managed to hook into a couple of speckled trout; the biggest just barely legal. Both were released to grow up to be future trophies.
Then we traveled past Paradise Landing continuing down river. I made it as far as what is known as the ‘Horseshoe’. I decided to stake out and anchor to try using some frozen finger mullet. While I sat there Lewis and Justin kept fishing along the grass line and eventually out of sight. After some time Justin and Lewis were working their way back along the far side of the river fishing the docks. Justin reported that Lewis managed to catch a nice 20” striper from a school of redfish. If you are interested in the striper story I’m sure my fishing buddy Lewis has posted his story on SC Outdoors Blog at
As the three of us fish back along the shoreline, Justin had a nice red on and managed to land the spot tail. Lewis managed to hook into a speckled trout within 100 feet of the launch. As I worked my way by the same section that Lewis caught a trout; I managed to get a hook up also on a small under slot trout.
As we loaded up the kayaks to head home the rain finally came. We managed to have a great day on the water. For me the best was just listening to the fishing stories from Australia. So next weekend will be the Meet & Fish scheduled to replace this trip that was to be.
Maybe we will see you at Paradise Landing at 8 AM. Be sure to bring your favorite mini-rod, Barbie Rod, Snoopy Rod, etc. Bring some type of fishing tackle for the prize bucket. Just maybe you will catch that big fish to win the tackle bag of gear. I hope that I see you on Saturday morning.

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