Monday, December 30, 2013

Short Stay Relaxation

Today Jon and I traveled to Short Stay which is a military resort located on a small peninsula on South Carolina’s third largest lake; Lake Moultrie which is over 60,000 acres. The main purpose of the trip was to fish with Shawn, a yak angler from Lake Worth, Florida and a member of

One of the great things about is the networking that the site provides to anglers to find a fishing buddy when visiting a new area. Besides how to rig a kayak, exploring new areas to fish, fishing techniques, setting up of fishing reels, or finding a fishing buddy in your own area.

After a short visit at the boat ramp, we launched and paddled to the north along the parameter of Short Stay Resort. The wind was a little breezy that resulted in a little chop on the water. Water temperature was about 54 degrees F which was pretty close to the air temperature.  The clarity of the water was not too hot; I would have to estimate the clarity to about three feet.

The plan was to fish the peninsula that Short Stay Resort resided. As we fished toward the north none of us were getting any bites. Next we paddled and fished along the north shoreline of the peninsula that had a great rip rap of granite just below the sea wall. Then we fished the rip rap shoreline toward the south. This area then opened up to a shallow sandy flat area. It was at this time we decided to paddle toward the distant shoreline toward the southeast.

This distant shoreline had a long length of granite rip rap and a dam area. This area is home to North America’s tallest vertical drop lock at 75 feet. This area at a distance looked to be very ideal for stripers in my opinion as it appeared very similar to areas that I have striper fished in Southern California. When I reached the dam area I started to paddle in a southerly direction along the rock rip rap, I decided to cast a deep diver lure in a crawfish color. Casting the lure parallel with the shoreline I was not have any luck. Then I heard Jon say “Fish On” and then a sign from his mouth that he had lost a fish. About five minutes later I had a fish on, in the net, and in the Jackson Big Tuna. I had landed a 14” large mouth bass. There was not much of a hit. With the water temperature around 56 degrees F I’m sure the large mouth bass are a little sluggish. After a photo with the catch it was time to try to catch another fish.

As I got closer to the lock, I was watching the lure and at one time I noticed a small striper follow the lure but the fish did not take the lure. Instead he turned tail and swam back into the depths of Lake Moultrie. Shawn and Jon managed to catch up to me. It was time to call it quits and head back to the ramp.

Although there was not a lot of fish caught but it was a great day on the water and meeting a new fishing buddy. Till my next journey on the water maybe we will cross paddles and be fishing together whether it is here in South Carolina or elsewhere.

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