Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Cove

 On this journey Greg, Henry, and myself will be checking out a new launch site on Sullivan’s Island located near the intersection of Station 19 Street and Back Street. We will be launching from this area to fish and explore the area between Mt Pleasant and Sullivan’s Island known as the Cove. Available species will be speckled trout, redfish, and flounder.

The launch site is actually pretty small but has a huge parking area. It provides access into a series of small creeks that eventually feed into the Cove, the Charleston Harbor, Jeanette Creek and the Inter-Coastal Waterway. Between the harbor and the Cove is an old site of an old trolley bridge that once ran between Mount Pleasant and Sullivan's Island known as Pickett Bridge. Reports are that also in the area of the old bridge the pilings are still present. This could also mean at the correct time fishing around these pilings could result in some nice sheepshead.
We decided to leave the launch and head to the left towards the Cove. When Greg made his first cast into the mouth of another creek a short distance from the launch. There was a small oyster point and the cast resulted with a yell of “Fish On”! In no time he had landed a small trout. Uff da!! Was this going to be a good sign for the day or a bad sign?
The Cove area is an open section of water with marsh grass that almost surrounds the Cove. Off in the distance one can see the old trolley bridge pilings to the west, an island to the northwest, and some docks along the south. After exploring this area I decide to paddle back up along the creek towards the launch and travel up the creek where Greg caught the trout in the morning. As paddled towards the end of the creek the water just appeared to disburse out into the grass. Eventually a large area with very short grass appeared like a small lake in the middle of the tall spartina grass. I spooked a couple of redfish, the water depth averaged nearly two feet with a good hard bottom. This area looked like it would be a great area to try some wading for redfish either with spinning gear or even a fly rod.
When the exploration of the area was done it was time to complete the day by returning to the launch and head home. Although I did not catch any fish I did manage to locate a great potential area for Marian and I to try some fly fishing for some redfish. Now I will have to figure out the best time when the area will hold fish. So another trip or two do more exploring will help on when the fish are in the area.

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