Sunday, January 12, 2014

Limehouse Meet & Fish on the Stono River

The January South Carolina Meet and Fish was going to be on the Stono River. We had about a baker’s dozen yak anglers meeting up to fish the Stono River.  We will be meeting on John’s Island at the John F. Limehouse Boat Ramp. John’s Island is the largest island in South Carolina. It is the fourth largest on the United States east coast, surpassed only by Long Island, Mt Desert Island, and Martha’s Vineyard. John’s Island is named after Saint John’s Parish in Barbados by the first settlers to the island.

Before we launched, Lewis and I reminded all the anglers about the upcoming organizational meeting for the Lowcountry Kayak Fishing Club. The first meeting will be on February 2nd, 2014 at 2 PM. The West Ashley Charleston Angler will be hosting the first organizational meeting.  Indications from the Charleston Angler and the West Ashley Haddrell’s Point Tackle and Supply are reporting back about a ton of interest in the club.

Some of the anglers went west of the launch and under the John F. Limehouse Memorial Bridge to fish an area known as Rantowles Creek.  This creek is very popular for redfish and flounder. Paddling east from the launch is the John’s Island Creek mouth. The mouth of this creek is a popular place for spotted trout. My option for the Meet and Fish was to go towards John’s Island Creek and fly fish on my way up the creek towards the West Ashley Greenway.

Fly fished all the way up the John’s Island Creek to the West Ashley Greenway. I managed to spook one redfish in one of the small creeks that drain a huge flat area into John’s Island Creek. When I arrived to the greenway, I started on my way back towards the mouth of the John’s Island Creek and the Stono River. When I arrived to the mouth there was a power boat with a couple of fishermen fishing. They were catching some spotted trout casting towards the shoreline.

I paddled my way around these anglers not to interfere with their fishing. I worked the North shoreline of the Stono River away from the bridge.  As I worked this shoreline I continued with the same luck that I had fishing John’s Island Creek. I came upon Dolphin Dave and he was heading back towards the launch. He reported that there were at least three schools of redfish swimming this section of the flat and shoreline. As I drifted downstream with the outgoing tide I fan casted the clouser fly in the hopes that one of those three redfish schools will intercept the fly. A couple of times I would spook a redfish but I did not have the skill to place the clouser in the vicinity of the school of redfish.

When I got to day beacon red #28, I paddled across the Stono to the South shoreline to work my way back to the launch site. As I worked this shoreline I did not see any fishy areas. In no time I managed to get back to the boat ramp. Although I did not managed to hook up a fish with the fly rod and a clouser minnow I did hear reports from others at the meet & fish that managed to land some nice trout and a single redfish.

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