Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day Two of the Crooked River Boondoggle

Saturday’s forecast was not looking very look for wind conditions. In fact maybe a bit strong and rumors had it there was a small craft advisory out. So the weather provided a great opportunity to visit with WildRover and discuss the art of rigging plastic baits to jig heads, worm style hooks, or a weighted keel flutter hooks. The plastics that we looked at were jerk baits, shad tail or paddle tail, curly tail grubs, and the DOA Airhead plastics. Next we discussed rod & reel combinations and setting the drags when fight a fish. It was a great way to spend a windy morning.

After the little impromptu seminar WildRover and I went in two different directions. He was heading to get some to eat and take a nap to rest up for the next evening event the potluck hosted by Marian and myself. For me I was planning to go fishing for a few hours with Robert1970. We decided to head to White Oak Creek near Woodbine, GA in the search of fish. Treehugger had reported that this area was fairly wind protected and there were reports of stripers being caught in this area that transitions from saltwater to freshwater. Except we were going to stay on the saltwater side of the bridge and paddle toward the Satilla River, this section of the creek had a lot of structure in relationship to stumps and  logs. Another unique feature for structure was the canyon style of walls that were very noticeable at low tide. These walls of earth must have been easy 7 – 8 feet high and would provide great structure for speckled trout to lurk waiting on their next meal. This trip ended in a nice paddle and exploring a new area but it was time to head back to help to prepare the cabin for the evening potluck.

As normal for a Boondoggle there was plenty of food and fishing tales to be shared. Some people visited on the porch, some in the cabin enjoying the fake fire in the fireplace, and some were sitting around the campfire singing songs. I was even asked to sing my favorite fishing song. So using the Smartphone I managed to search for the song titled “Walleye”, the lyrics are by Richard A Lewis & Larry Hayes; Tune “Rawhide” by Dmitri Tiompkin. This is a great fun song that makes everyone laugh. Or laughing at my singing? As tradition goes Saturday night is also the signing of the Boondoggle banner that will be presented to someone Sunday night.

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