Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Crooked River Boondoggle Trout

Sunday’s weather was much better and the comradeship from Saturday evening had yak anglers grouping up to head out for that elusive trout or redfish. The group that Marian and I were going to spend the day with was JoeDoozer, Greg, RedfishJax, FLNavyVet, Robert1970, Cindy, and a few others. Marian and I were the last ones to launch and we started fishing the same docks from Friday’s fishing excursion. We were almost to the last dock and Marian had a fish on. She was really excited and I tried to get to her to help land her first Boondoggle fish. She had it out of the water and almost in the Jackson Cuda when the 12 inch trout decided to let go.  She was using a 1/8 oz jig head with a trout trick. I started working just past the last dock and casting parallel along from the rock rip rap. Eventually I felt a slight soft bite and I set the hook. It was fish on! In no time I managed to have netted a nice spotted trout just less than 19 inches. This trout was caught on a ¼ oz jig with a figi chicken shad from DOA. We continued to work our way around the point down to the flat that contained some oyster beds. The wind was starting to pick up and the other anglers were heading back as well so we decided to call it a day.

That evening back in the campground ScubaStan and Snakegirl hosted the leftover potluck. It was here that ScubaStan pulled a census of the anglers there.  It was decided that I would be knighted with the pink bola and pink crocs till the next boondoggle. What are the criteria to receive such a honor? I really do not know. Maybe catch the biggest fish but I’m not sure if my trout was the biggest. Maybe because ScubaStan, Snakegirl, and I are tied at six boondoggles out of seven; I really do not know. All I know is that I could be tying a lot of pink flies made with hackles. Next the recognition of the recipient of the boondoggle banner; normally the recipient is from the host state that had coordinated the activities of the boondoggle. In this case there was no one from the Georgia coast that planned the various events. The sponsors decided that SaltWarrier from Louisiana for his hard work on several boondoggles where he hosted a crawfish boil would receive the banner.

The next morning some boondogglers headed to prepare for the Adventure Fishing World Championship in Flamingo, FL and some of us heading home back to South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, etc. Where will be the next Yak Angling Boondoggle? I don’t know but it will be Columbus Day Weekend in October. To find out listen to Kayak Fishing Radio and visit YakAngler dot com as these are the forums that will be announcing the next location.

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