Friday, February 14, 2014

The Crooked River Boondoggle

The 2014 Presidents Day Boondoggle also incorporated Valentine’s Day so for the majority of the male anglers had to convince their wives, significant others, and girl friends to allow them to head to the Crooked River Boondoggle in the area of Georgia known as the Golden Isles. Marian understands my enjoyment in fishing and it does not hurt that she tries really hard to enjoy fishing as well. She can last about 3 – 4 hours and she is done. She really enjoys kayaking and birding so when fishing no longer is of interest Marian will just sit in the marsh to read and maybe see a new bird species.

This kayak angling boondoggle is located at the southern most area of the Georgia Shoreline. The camping headquarters for the Crooked River Boondoggle will be Crooked River State Park located just outside of St Mary’s, Georgia and Kings Bay Nuclear Submarine Base. The park overlooks the Crooked River from what is known as Elliot’s Bluff. Crooked River is a great fishery for the spotted sea trout this time of the year.

The Friday Yak Angling Boondoggle will have me, WildRover, and JoeDoozer launching from Harriett’s Bluff Ramp to target trout on this section of the Crooked River. Harriett’s Bluff is only a six mile paddle from the Crooked River State Park. The tide was outgoing so this journey would be a difficult paddle as the current is very swift at the park’s ramp. So we drove 20 miles from the park to the ramp at Harriett’s Bluff. We paddled to the left of launch and fished the series of docks and rock rip rap along the shore. This looked very fishy to me. As we approached the point just past the last dock WildRover and I did not get any hits on the various selections of artificial that we were presenting. At the point there was a fast current. So I decided to drift through this area. While drifting through dragging a DOA Shad on a quarter ounce jig head I managed to get a slight tap but missed the hook set. So I paddled back and past the point to have WildRover to give this section a try. We drifted this section a couple of more times then moved on. This section of the shoreline gave us our first opportunity to some creeks flowing from the grass flats and oyster beds.

So we worked this fishy section. At the first creek that I came across I decided to fan cast the mouth of the creek and targeting the oyster rakes in the off chance for a redfish or speckled trout. WildRover paddled further down to check out some other oyster beds that had two small creeks near them. After casting around the mouth of the creek I traveled up the creek in the hopes of seeing some redfish coming out of the grass flats. I managed to get up as far into the creek that I could go and did not see any fish in the area so I worked my way back out to the Crooked River. I paddled up to anchor with WildRover and we visited instead of fished. After all this is a Boondoggle and it is not all about fishing but meeting people. While we talked about fishing techniques, JoeDoozer finally arrived and joined us for the discussion of angling techniques and about how fishing this area looked.  After a while WildRover decided to paddle back to the docks to fish that structure while JoeDoozer and I went to check out Grover Creek. There were some bait fish but we could not find any redfish or trout. We decided to paddle back to the launch area to meet up with WildRover. It was getting about time to meet and eat in the campground and enjoy a great Louisiana Cajon Boil.

Our host for the Louisiana Cajun Boil was SaltWarrier. His recipe had tons of crawfish, baby red potatoes, sweet corn, garlic, onions, mushroom smoked sausage. I might be over stating the amount of crawfish but I can at least recall three dumplings’ of cooked food on two picnic tables. This was a well boiled meal in my opinion. If you never have had a Louisiana Cajun Boil is to be sure to plan on attending one of the February Boondoggles and be there at the table on Friday night.

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