Monday, May 26, 2014

Marian’s First Largemouth Bass

This trip was going to be a short fishing excursion to Lake Moultrie for some largemouth bass. Lake Moultrie is the third largest lake in South Carolina. Lewis, Greg, Marian and I will be concentrating on an area known as the “Hatchery”. No this is not a fish hatchery but a waterfowl management area. While this is a popular area for fishing for bass, bream, crappies, mudfish, etc. the area is closed to fishing each Saturday until noon during waterfowl season. In the “Hatchery” there is a boat ramp but there is also a Berkeley County's Blueway’s Canoe/Kayak Launch.

Marian was going to be fishing out of the Jackson Cuda and myself the Jackson Coosa. We will be paddling east of the launch along the main dike. We are going to paddle to a small opening that will take us into a large shallow stump field in the search of some monster largemouth bass. Our plan is to use a Texas rig with a watermelon color Z-Man Saw Tail WormZ with a 1/16 oz bullet weight and a Gamakatsu Extra Wide Gap (EWG) Monster 5/0 size hook. I also will be using a the watermelon color Z-Man Pop FrogZ using the same monster 5/0 hook for casting into the lily pad areas of the stump field.
The Jackson Coosa paddled and tracked really well as we traveled down the straight canal along the dike on the south side of the “Hatchery”. When we made the approach into the stump flat there was a huge area of nothing but flowering lily pads. This area reminded me of a few spots on Conway Lake in New Hampshire. So I decided to try the setup with the Z-Man Pop FrogZ. I would normally just cast out to an opening between the lily pads and slowly work the Pop FrogZ across the lily pads and stop occasionally. Usually this is very effective for bass and even pickerel on Conway Lake. But as my luck was going this method was not working for me today.
Since the Pop FrogZ was not working, I decided to move away from the lily pads and switch make to the Z-Man Saw Tail WormZ. I decided that I would cast this setup towards the stumps and bounce the worm off the stumps and bottom hoping that this would attract a bite. Paddling the Coosa out in the wide open flat provided the same results. No action on the lure but the Coosa tracked very well as I move from stump to stump in my search for a bass.

During my hunt for that largemouth to be hooked Marian was paddling toward me. When she got closer she reported that she had a fish on the Texas rig with a watermelon color Z-Man Saw Tail WormZ with a 1/16 oz bullet weight and a Gamakatsu Extra Wide Gap (EWG) Monster 5/0 size hook that I had installed on her line. When she paddled the Cuda along side of the Coosa she shared the prize. She had a nice 12” bass that was really hungry because it had that huge hook deep in its mouth.  I managed to remove the hook for Marian and she poised with her catch for a photo.  We did released the small bass back into the waters of the “Hatchery” so that the fish could grow up and be caught again to be enjoyed by other anglers.

The day of fishing was beginning to end because Marian’s time limit for fishing was coming to an end. So we paddled back to the launch site from the canal that runs along a peninsula that runs south and north from the Blueway’s canoe/kayak launch and boat ramp. This was the second time that I had the Coosa out for a paddle. The Coosa in my opinion paddled and tracked flawlessly on this environment.

I really cannot wait to get the Jackson Coosa to Conway, New Hampshire to fish the Saco River and Conway Lake for Smallmouth Bass and Trout. I’m sure that the Coosa will perform as advertised by Jackson Kayaks in fast moving waters. After all this is a company know for developing kayaks for fast moving rivers where kayakers enjoy rapids and doing that stuff that is known as freestyle kayaking. I’m sure that this will make the Coosa very exciting on the Saco River or other rivers that have rapids.

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