Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Duck Pond

This trip Lewis, Zach, Greg, & myself went back to Lake Moultrie to check out an area known as the “Duck Pond”.  We will be launching from the Fred Day Landing. To get to the “Duck Pond” from the landing head left of the ramp towards the lake. Once on the lake turn right and paddle along the shore line heading south.  In about a half of a mile on the right on the right will be the entrance to the “Duck Pond”. 

We were going to target largemouth bass or whatever else will bite. We decided to concentrate on the small cove that the ramp is located. Maybe someone will find a bass, bream, catfish or something. This little cove looks very fishy. Structure in this area consists of downed logs, submerged stumps, lily pads, and some land points. This area did not produce any bites or fish. So I paddled the Jackson Coosa to the main lake to head toward the “Duck Pond”.
When you enter the main lake there are scattered cypress trees which make some great structures to target for any fish that might be lurking about waiting for something to eat. As you work these trees and stumps watch out for any nesting osprey. Get to close to one of the cypress trees that contain a osprey nest you could be bombarded by one of these birds protecting their nest and babies. About have way to the “Duck Pond” you will notice a small sandy beach next to a grove of cypress trees is a great spot to stop of lunch, a swim, and for the adventurous spend the night camping.  By the time I arrived to the entrance to the “Duck Pond” I did not have any luck in finding that elusive bass.
The “Duck Pond” actually initially appears to be a bay that flows into a smaller area of a cypress swamp. This area contains a lot of different type of plant and cypress trees. The “Duck Pond is home for different species of wading birds, ospreys, and alligators. With a solid field of lily pads and flowers I decided to try a Lunkerhunt Lunker Leopard Frog. I proceeded to work toward the left, paddling the Coosa over the carpet of lily pads and casting that weedless leopard frog into the small open water pockets among the field of lily pads and flowers. I would then twitch the frog across the lily pads and stop in an opening hoping for a big bass to eat up that frog. Eventually I managed to paddle to the far side to the tree line.
By the tree line on the far side of the “Duck Pond” I discovered a small opening that flows into a cypress swamp. At this point I decided to switch back to the Texas rig with a watermelon color Z-Man Saw Tail WormZ with a 1/16 oz bullet weight and a Gamakatsu Extra Wide Gap (EWG) Monster 5/0 size hook as there was a fair size opening flowing into the swamp. I made several cast toward the swamp. Finally I had a hit and a small bass that I landed in the Coosa for a picture. Tried a few more cast but no luck. I decided to paddle to a huge opening that was vegetation free to see if I can have any luck in this area.
As I worked this area with Lewis and Zach, we spotted several alligators about 5 – 7 feet in length. They appeared to be not interested in us but just watched as we paddled around. When we got too close they would submerge and hide. When we were away some safe distance the gators would surface and just float or swim slowly around in the search of something.
It was getting late and time for us to make the half mile paddle back to the boat ramp. The wind was blowing in the right direction so I had the wind push me along so that I could cast towards the cypress trees and stumps hoping for a monster bass. By the time I got back to the ramp the day only provided me with one small bass and a great day on the water with my buddies.

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