Sunday, June 29, 2014

Kayak Fishing and Hunting Expeditions

A while back a Boondoggle buddy of mind contacted me that him and his family will be vacationing in the Grand Strand area and asked if I could break away from fishing the Charleston area. I told Jeff (some of you might know him as ‘FishAholic929’ on several of the kayak fishing forums) that I will make some type of arrangements. So I contacted another fishing buddy, Mike Eady owner/operator of Kayak Fishing and Hunting Expeditions ( operates out of the Grand Strand area of South Carolina. Mike also guides for Black River Outdoors on Pawley's Island, which offers various types of kayaking tours and also sells Jackson, Eddyline, and Emotion Kayaks.

So I got in touch with Mike and made arrangements to have Jeff and myself to fish with Mike in Murrells Inlet.  Murrells Inlet is a great fishery.  A kayak angler has the opportunity to target such species as flounder, speckled trout, redfish, spots, black drum, tarpon, king mackerel, etc. On this trip we planned to target flounder, trout and redfish. Later that week Jeff and Mike will plan a near shore experience for mackerel, bluefish, or what never will be swimming just past the breakers.
Let me tell you a little bit about Mike’s guide service. Kayak Fishing and Hunting Expeditions offers a wide variety of kayak fishing and hunting tours, from beginner to advance. Whether it's fishing, hunting, crabbing or shell fishing, you are sure to find a fun, challenging, and educational experience that's appropriate for all levels and ages.
Mike and his guides offer half day charters for fishing in the Grand Strand area. There trips are catered for the beginner to the advanced angler. You will be fishing out of a Santa Cruz Raptor Sit-on-Top kayak unless you decide to use your own kayak which is not a problem. Mike even provides the rods, reels, and bait. You will be responsible for your fishing license, sunscreen, water or cold drinks.
Besides angling excursions, they also offer guided hunting trips from a kayak. Species hunted include the whitetail deer, feral hogs, rabbits, ducks, marsh hens, rails, and squirrels. The use of a kayak provides the means to get into areas those hunters on foot or larger boats will have difficulty getting into those productive areas. These areas are so secluded that trophy class animals hide in these areas when the normal hunting pressure is high. Use of a kayak provides a super option for sneaking into prime duck hunting areas as well.
Kayak Fishing and Hunting Expeditions also provides excursions for crabbing either from a secluded bank or from a kayak. Another unique fishing experience offered is shell fishing for digging in the mud for clams or harvesting oysters. This type of a kayak trip makes for a great family fun trip for all ages.
Lastly Mike offers what is called ‘Kayak Fishing School’. Mike will teach you the proper ways to paddle a kayak, fishing techniques from a kayak, self rescue when you fall or tip over your kayak, how to locate fish, and what baits to use and when. So how did we fair on this inshore trip with Mike Eady?
I managed to hookup a couple of small flounder on the mud minnows while drifting near a creek mouth I will have to say that Mike does work very hard to ensure that you are catching fish. He spends time to locate the bait that the fish are eating. Mud minnows were not being the ticket. So while we either used the mud minnows or artificial lures, Mike went searching for mullet or shrimp. He managed to net some small finger mullet. These finger mullet were the key for the redfish. I managed to land a nice 19 inch redfish in the Jackson Big Rig.
As for my buddy Jeff he had a great time on the water. He and Mike made plans for later that week. I’m sure that the time spent on the water was a memorial one for his fishing diary. If you interested in a tailored fishing or hunting trip from a kayak get in touch with Mike through his website at to schedule your adventure with Kayak Fishing and Hunting Expeditions.


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