Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wee Tee Lake

Lewis thought that this would be a great trip to fish Wee Tee Lake up near Jamestown in Williamsburg County. This lake is known as an oxbow lake. These lakes are formed in the shape of a “U” that was part of the main part of a river. In this area I believe that Wee Tee Lake use to be part of the Santee River. This assumption is made since the Santee River is really close to this oxbow lake.

Wee Tee Lake is open for public fishing Wednesdays through Saturdays only. Fridays are Youth Day and each adult must accompanied by a 17 or younger youth. Paddles, peddling systems or electric motors are allowed. Gasoline motors are not allowed at any time. The funny thing about the rule on gasoline motors is that it appears that it is OK to keep them installed on the boat but not to use them. This statement is made from personal observation of the various bass boats noticed on the water.
Fish in this oxbow lake are largemouth bass, various species of bream, and catfish. On this trip I was planning on targeting largemouth bass. Again I was going to use my go to Texas rig setup with a 1/8 oz bullet weight, with a watermelon color Z-Man Saw Tail WormZ threaded to a Gamakatsu Extra Wide Gap (EWG) Monster 5/0 size hook.
This will be my third trip on the Jackson Coosa. Although this is a lake it will closely represent a trip on a very slow moving river. The parking lot is very huge for this under used fishery. The boat ramp is very modern and well maintained. The lake gets very deep pretty fast from the shore line so there is no need for a dock system to tie your canoe, kayak, or boat while you move your vehicle back to the parking lot.
Launching the Coosa from the ramp; I had my first encounter with a jumping fish. I’m not sure what it was but I had to duck so that he would not hit me. All around me when I would paddle and cast toward the shoreline for the hopes of a largemouth bass; longnose gar and bowfin were crushing the bait fish swimming near the surface. This made this trip exciting and made me hopeful that there was a largemouth out there that will give a hardy fight.
The bowfin or mudfish whatever you want to call them are numerous in the lake. For those of you that enjoy targeting the bowfin Wee Tee Lake is for you. I had several hits from these fish but kept losing them at the side of the Coosa. This lake is the first place that I have fished freshwater in South Carolina where targeting the bowfin is easy in my opinion.
Besides the bowfin there is tons of longnose gar ranging in size from a foot to 4 foot or better. Most of the gar in the 12 inch range swam about in schools of about 50 to 100. Now these small ones would be fun to catch but I would prefer to figure out how to get some of those 24 – 40 inch ones to take a lure. That would be a great battle right there. Here is a picture of a nice gar that I drifted by in the Coosa.
Some point during the fishing trip I managed to land a small largemouth bass on the Texas rig. My next trip to Wee Tee Lake I will have to work on looking for bigger bass and figure out how to keep the bowfin on the hook. Also maybe try to catch a gar as well.

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