Sunday, September 28, 2014

LKA Meet & Fish at Redfishville

It has been a while since I have participated in a Lowcountry Kayak Angler’s Meet and Fish. This event was at Copahee Sound. Copahee Sound is commonly known as ‘Redfishville’ because of the above slot redfish that call this area as home. You have a really good chance at catching redfish in the range of 24 – 30 inches. Of course there is the opportunity to also catch them in the slot range of 15 to 23 inches. So ‘Redfishville’ is a very popular fishing location for yak anglers.

This Meet and Fish was on Sunday; sometimes the events are on Saturday as well. The Meet & Fish Committee alternates between Saturdays and Sundays so that all of the club members have a chance to participate. On this event there were nine yak anglers meeting, telling fishing stories, doing some fishing, and at the conclusion telling more fishing stories. Of course my two fishing buddies were along and this provided us to meet some new fishing buddies. What a great concept!!! For this trip I will be fishing out of a Jackson Big Rig with a Power Pole Micro-Anchor.
When Lewis, Greg and I fish the Copahee Sound we paddle out to the Inter-Coastal Waterway (ICW) to target several little flats along the waterway that normally produce some nice reds and speckled trout. On this occasion Lewis and Greg took a couple of the new anglers out to these areas. I decided to take a few of the new anglers to some grass lines that have been known to produce some big redfish.
Everyone on this trip was using live bait like mud minnows and shrimp. For me I decided to take some frozen blue crab for bait. Besides the crab I was going to throw out there in the water some artificial lures. Most of this year I have been using Slayer Lures like the Sinister Swim Tail (S.S.T.) on a quarter ounce jig head with a 3/0 hook size. I really don’t take much value in the jig head color but normally it is red.
I found an area that had two small creeks flowing from the grass. So I lowered the Micro-Pole to anchor in the area. I removed the back shell of the blue crab and then split the crab in half. Then I took the circle hook and inserted the hook throw one of the legs and out the other leg opening. Then I casted the blue crab along the grass line in the anticipation of a redfish.  After a few cast of the Slayer SST I heard the Shimano Baitrunner screaming with line going out. I picked up the rod and the line was already into the spartina grass.
I started reeling in the line and the rod bent over and I was battling a redfish. I managed to get the red out of the grass without losing the fish. As soon as I had the redfish close to within the net’s reach the fish was landed into the Jackson Big Rig. Placing the redfish on the measuring the board the fish was nearly as long as the measuring board. The fish measured slightly over 30 inches.
After releasing the redfish, I decided to check on the guys that paddled out to the ICW to see how they were doing. Now I didn’t just paddle out to the flat that I knew that they were fishing, I did stop at some spots along the way that could be holding either a speckled trout or redfish. For me I did not locate anything that was interested in my offerings. When I arrived to the flat everyone except Lewis was there anchored waiting on a bite. Lewis had gone on further down the ICW to another flat that he has had luck with in the past.
I hit a few spots that I had observed a red or two but no luck. I decided to check a point in some fast moving water near some oyster beds. First cast I managed to get a hook up on a nice 15 inch sea trout. Two of the yak anglers that were on the ‘Meet & Fish’ decided to move over to the spot that I just caught the trout at too try their luck. It really did not bother me as I was planning on heading back to the landing   to head home.
By the time I got half way to the landing everyone either was behind me heading in as well or they were already at the landing waiting for us to return. As usual this trip was a normal ‘Meet & Fish’ where most of the anglers do not experience any hook ups. If you are interested in attending one of the Lowcountry Kayak Anglers Meet & Fish events check them out on Facebook at
See you on the water…

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