Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kayak Fishing Boondoggle X Day 2 – The Mosquito Lagoon Journey

The second day of the Boondoggle, Lewis and I decided that we would introduce fellow LKA members on their first Boondoggle to Mosquito Lagoon. We will be meeting up with fellow Jackson Kayak staff member Gregg Crisp and his some. We got a late start except for Gregg. They left on time and were on the water before us.

Our journey to Mosquito Lagoon started out very questionable. Uff da!!! The Smartphone’s GPS Navigation Application tried routing us through Kennedy Space Center. We finally figured out the route and arrived to Beacon 42 to launch in the legendary Mosquito Lagoon.  When the four of us showed up Gregg and his son were on the water but hey this is a boondoggle so we made the best of the day and went fishing.
My plan was to fish this flat that covered sea grass with some small sandy openings. Fan casting towards the mangroves, out to the grass covered by the water, and the sandy openings as the light breeze drifted the Jackson Big Rig along the flat. I planned to cast a Slayer S.T.B. (Sinister Twitch Bait) on a weighted weedless hook in the chicken on the chain color pattern. Within about 100 yards from the launch I managed a hook up. Using the Ego net I managed to land a nice 19 inch redfish with five spots on one side. For some reason the fish had blood coming out of the body around its scales. The redfish appeared healthy other then this and swam away when released.
This will be the only fish that I will have caught for several hours along that side of Mosquito Lagoon. I’m not sure how far I drifted along that bank of mangroves but I finally decided to cross to a series of islands that separated this part of the lagoon from some huge body of water. I started working this side back to Beacon 42 boat ramp. At some point I had a hit and a hookup using a Sinister Swim Tail (S.S.T.) in that popular chicken on a chain color. There was a little jump out of the water. My thought that it was a lady fish as I saw a silver flash when it got next to the Big Rig I decided not to use the net to bring in the fish into the kayak. As I lifted the fish out of the water I noticed this dark lateral line a trademark of a snook.  All I had to do was to get the snook into the Big Rig and I will be able to manage to cross that species off of my bucket list. Well the ability to cross off the snook off of the bucket list was not going to happen because my first snook managed to throw the hook. Uff da!! I should have used the net.
I still had some distance to paddle so my thought was that I could redeem myself by catching another. If I get the opportunity I will definitely grab the Ego net to land the next snook. I managed to paddle and fish a couple of 100 yards when I had another hit. This time the hook up was pretty solid and my luck was with me as I had more jumping action and noticed that this was a nice snook. I won the battle as the Ego net dripped into the water and into the Big Rig I had my first landed snook. I was really excited and got the measuring board out. My first official snook landed in the Jackson Big Rig measured 17 inches.
Meeting back at the ramp the LKA Boondogglers swapped stories about their experiences. It was great that Lewis also caught his first snook, Greg had some redfish, and Rob managed a gafftopsail catfish. Day two of the Boondoggle was another success.  I hope that the last day of the Boondoggle will be even more exciting.

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