Sunday, October 26, 2014

Marian Cruising for her Personal Best Fish

Sunday afternoon Marian mentioned that she would like to go out for a paddle in her Jackson Cruise. She did not have to twist me arm to hard to convince me of this journey as the Jackson Kraken was still loaded from the 6th Annual Redfishville Shootout event from the day before. So I decided that this would be a great opportunity to check out a new launch location for the Stono River.

The new launch site is located along the side of Wappoo Road and the Stono River. There is a small gravel parking section along the Wappoo Road where bank fishermen park and fish this shoreline for redfish and trout. The bank is pretty hard so there are no launching issues for a kayak. This launch site is a lot safer for a kayaker or someone with a canoe when compared to launching from the Riverland Terrace Boat Ramp.
Elliott Cut (Wappoo Creek) is a very dangerous waterway. It is very narrow; so when the tide is going out it is not that bad but the water does flow out of the cut fast. When the tide is coming in the cut can be very dangerous for a paddle craft. This is due to that Elliott Cut is a short cut between the Ashley and the Stono Rivers. When the tide is going out or coming in the current is divided between the two major rivers.
As we launch from the new area we paddled our Jackson kayaks toward Elliott Cut. Just before we arrive to the first dock a short distance from the launch site, Marian casting a Trout Trick lure thought she had a snag. So I paddled the Kraken over to assist her in freeing her lure. As I got closer her rod tip started shaking and the Jackson Cruise was moving towards the first dock. Marian was on her first sleigh ride with a mystery fish.  As she got closer to the dock pilings, Marian started to panic. At one point she even laid the rod down and started paddling backwards. She noticed that the rod was not saying put so the paddle went back onto her lap and she picked up the rod so not to lose the rod and the fish.
I explained to her to just let the fish take her under the dock as she attempted to win the battle and not lose this impressive fish. We managed to get past the first dock. I continued to talk her through the landing of this fish. Then the excitement started again and a second dock was approaching for her to maneuver through and not lose this fish. The closer we got to the dock she managed to get this fish to the surface. She was surprised to see that she had a huge redfish. The spot tail took more line out when the fish noticed the kayak. I stayed right next to her with the Ego landing net ready to help her land this monster.
Soon the fish appeared near the surface between the Cruise and the Kraken and the spot tail was in the landing net. I placed her red on the measuring board and informed her that she had managed to land a 27.25 inch redfish. Marian has managed to catch some small fish but this is the first time she managed to catch a fish that was above the slot limit.
I took some photos of her with the redfish and then she let the fish go to grow even bigger for the next angler. We continued to fish the remaining docks, crossed the mouth of Elliott Cut, and fished a few more docks. I do need to mention that we were reaching Marian’s limit for fishing so it was time to head back.
We loaded up the kayaks and headed home. Of course Marian kept talking about her experience and of course she had to post her photo of the trophy on Facebook. I’m sure some day she will be back on the water and striving to beat her personal best redfish.

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