Monday, October 27, 2014

Sea-Lect TruCourse Rudder Installation on the Jackson Kraken

The Kraken is a long kayak measured at 15 ft 7 inches compared to other Jackson products like the Cuda 14 (14 ft 3 inches), the Big Tuna (14 ft 1 inch) and the Journey (14 ft). I’m one of those kayakers out there that feel that a rudder system is very important for those long kayaks. Especially when looking at kayaks longer than 12 feet.

I find that I have to struggle less steering a long kayak using a rudder system over the constant paddling on one side to either turn right or left. Also with a rudder I can control my kayak positioning while drifting. I will point out that how well a kayak tracks will aid in drifting as well. So a kayak that can track well not need the rudder system to keep your positioning while casting during a drift.
My experience with the Kraken at the Merritt Island Boondoggle X in October proved to me that the Kraken glides and tracks really well. However I did feel that a rudder would be helpful when paddling from one location to another. This is the reason that I decided to install the Sea-Lect TruCourse Rudder on my Sexy Shad Kraken.
The installation instructions are great but I decided that I would video record my experience of the installation. Note that all Jackson Kayaks that have the capability of a rudder installation will be “Rudder Ready” whether you order the kayak with a rudder or without. This provides you the ability to add the rudder later if you so decide that the kayak that you purchased needs the rudder later on.


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