Sunday, November 9, 2014

LKA Cookout & Fishing Bulls Bay

Just before the weather turns cold we try to organize a Lowcountry Kayak Angler Meet & Fish that ends with a cookout. This event has always been planned for Buck Hall Landing as this launch site also has a picnic area which makes this area ideal for our meeting. Besides being a great area for the cookout, Buck Hall is a short paddle to Bulls Bay. Bulls Bay is a great fishery offering the opportunities to catch redfish, speckled trout, whiting, croaker, and tarpon. Unfortunately the timeframe for tarpon is July – August and this is November so we will be hoping for redfish, speckled trout, whiting, and croaker.

Buck Hall has a nice landing but since it is located in the along the Intracoastal Waterway that provides access to the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge consists of 65,000 acres of marsh, tidal creeks and beaches. Bulls Bay is known to be South Carolina’s best shrimp baiting area. The refuge area is also part of the Francis Marian National Forest. If you plan on using Buck Hall there is a $5 use fee for the day.
We had about 7 or 8 yak anglers meet in the morning at Buck Hall to go fishing and eat some great food. We all launched from the ramp, paddled from the ramp heading in a northerly direction along the Intracoastal Waterway towards Harbor River then the Awendaw Creek then into Bulls Bay. As I paddled along this path the fishing was not so good. When I arrived into Bulls Bay I headed toward Morants Point. Right at the beginning of this area I managed to hookup on a small speckled trout about 15 inches in length.
A few of the crew paddled by and headed further into the area known as Morants Point fishing area towards the actual Morants Point and Long Creek.  Greg took up position right at the point and near the mouth of Long Creek.  Lewis, Chris, Todd, and Robert met up with Greg to fish this area. Most of the guys were using the Trout Trick with a jig head and casting along a ridge. Lewis & Greg were really hooking up with the trout. Casting the Trout Trick along the ridge then bouncing the jig with the Trout Trick the trout was picking it up on the fall so when they would jerk the lure upward occasionally they would be setting the hook for a battle.
It was getting late and we all had to head back to Buck Hall for the cookout. By this time everyone that fished this area had managed to land at least one trout. By the time we arrived to the landing John & Mary reported that they managed to land a couple of trout. The other Chris made it sound like it was a great day for him as well. When we have a Meet & Fish event where everyone is catching fish these are considered successful meets.
At the cookout we had burgers, potato salad, chips & dip and Chris had found some mussels that were thrown on the grille as well. The food was great and the fishing stories were even better. There was a discussion that this just might be the last Meet & Fish for 2014 as most of the anglers within the LKA have put up the kayaks till the warmer weather is back.


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  4. I am going to be fishing the Gulf of Mexico this summer. Thanks for the tips, keep em coming!