Saturday, November 15, 2014

Scuttlebutt Source Fishing

Have you never received a bit of news that fish are biting in a certain location? I’m sure that you do because I’m always searching out scuttlebutt on where the fish are biting or tailing. Sometimes the scuttlebutt is false for the time that I show up. If you are a freshwater angler especially a walleye angler you will be following the scuttlebutt for sure. If the fish are not active where you are at they are active somewhere else.
Occasionally the scuttlebutt will be valid. You will have a great time doing some catching. Scuttlebutt this time of the year for redfish is really easy to validate. They will be in really skinny water attempting to find the warmer water and being schooled really tight together sort of like the concept of using their own buddy heat amongst themselves. The proof is a visual where you will be able to sight for these schools. If you are not seeing the schools just keep searching.
So the scuttlebutt was that there are reds schooling on Bermuda Tidal Flats some anglers call it Terminal Flats which is across from Daniel’s Island on the Wando River. The reason the flat is known as Terminal Flats is that the flat is next to a cargo ship terminal where they unload and load containers from the ships. One could launch from Remley’s Point to reach this flat but the best choice if you are a yak angler is to launch from a small park on Daniel’s Island at the end of River Landing Road. The bottom is very sandy and hard even at low tide. You will launch next to the fishing pier at this park.
This launch site offers great access to Bermuda Tidal Flats which is across from the park but also short paddle to Rathall Creek Point, Ralston Creek Flat, Nowell Creek Flats, and Foster Creek. These areas provide great access for fishing for redfish, speckled trout, and flounder. So the scuttlebutt had driven my decision to take the Jackson Kraken out on this journey for redfish and a nice trout. One of my fishing buddies, Greg came along on my recommendation of some nice redfish to be had.

My kayak on this trip will be the Jackson Kraken. My anchoring system will be the small Grappler Anchor. Ideally for fishing the flats I would recommend some form of a stick-it pin for anchoring but I thought that I needed to use this anchoring system as it will be the system that I will use for fishing the jetties this spring and summer. So using the Grappler to determine storage when not in use will be very important to allow a clean deck for landing the fish, measuring the fish, and taking photos of the fish.
The Kraken managed the half mile crossing of the Wando River with no problems. As we crossed the Wando there were a few powerboats searching for schools of redfish. I did not notice any rod bending going on but this did not discourage me. After all it is all about timing when searching for redfish. The conditions have to be right so maybe that will change when Greg & I start searching for the schools. Greg decided to check out the flat towards the James B. Edwards Bridge (I526) but I decided to check out the flat heading toward the container terminal. As I got closer to the mouth of the Bermuda Creek I still did not see any schools of redfish. I decided to pass the mouth of the creek and continue toward the cargo terminal cranes. Still no schools of redfish to be spotted to cast the lure to so I decided to paddle back to the creek.
Once at Bermuda Creek I paddled in for a good distance till the creek was as narrow as the Jackson Big Rig is wide. Then I decided to paddle back to the mouth of the creek. When I almost got to the mouth of the creek I managed a hookup with a small but legal speckled trout. After a photo of my catch, I released the trout back to the water. A few more cast and still nothing. Greg decided to move ahead back to the mouth of the creek. He managed to start hooking up on trout.
About 40 – 50 feet from the mouth is a nice size submerged oyster mound. There was a school of trout holding around these oysters. Even I managed a few using a 1/8 oz jig head with a Slayer Sinister Swim Tail (S.S.T.) Chicken on the Chain. The action slowed down. We decided to paddle back across and check out another small creek. There were some fishermen fishing along the bank so we stayed cleared of them. I managed to pick up another trout but that was it.
We continued to fish in the direction of the launch site. Greg was getting a little cold so we decided to call it a day. Got the kayaks back to the trucks and loaded up the gear and headed home. This journey was just super. No redfish but some nice eating size trout if one decided to keep a few. In our case the enjoyment was only in the catching and releasing of the fish.
Tight lines all y’all and next time consider listening to the Scuttlebutt for your fishing needs.

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